The singular goal of conditional expression is to give life what it needs to be physically, psychologically and energetically healthy – to honour God’s body and the placenta, our sacred earth, that sustains it.

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One Body

We belong to a singular body which, like us, has physical, psychological and energetic needs. We are the cells of that body. Here we come to know we are made in God’s image, being of a mind, body and energetic system.

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Softness + Strength

The way of conditional expression is to tread softly. And to live in such a manner takes great strength. The strength not to be judgemental of others.

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Turning Out

Given we are tiny and individual parts of a great body everything will be felt by that body. This is particularly true when we consider the energetic quality of our actions and expression.

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Law of Sacrifice

At the heart of conditional expression resides the law of sacrifice. Life cannot feel well and balanced, and never will, without the sacrifice of each and every human being. It’s just not possible without it.

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The law of balance

The law of balance states that all things will find balance – even if it is an imbalance. But also that any system seeks a state of balance, which allows that system to find itself in a place of relative peace and harmony.

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Law of Revelation

Law of revelation is quite simple to understand. You are what you are. And life – or God – will experience you just as you. Not as you portray yourself to the world and not by what you would have the world believe you have become.

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Law of Alignment + Expression

This law is essential to the way of conditional expression, as it is the law that makes the unreal real. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, makes love real.

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Be and Trust

To be and trust is the contemporary instruction of God, or life itself. At a time when I was acutely aware Life was communicating with me, I asked, ‘What do we need to know as a species right now, in this time and place?’ The response was nine words in length, ‘Be and Trust! Be and Trust! Be and Trust!’

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i listened

As many people with a relatively healthy spiritual curiosity do, there was a time when I turned to astrology for answers!

I had scheduled a life consultation recording from someone who, for all sense and purpose, was outstanding at what she did.

My recording arrived and I listened. Fascinated, intrigued and surprised, I listened.

There was no shortage of interesting information but there would be one sentence that changed the way I viewed my life forever. It would send my mind’s eye spiralling back in time to an incident that, since this reminder, I would never forget again…

I was certain his eyes connected with mine.

Certain of it. He saw me, all right! Had to!

I was soaring along the road, approaching a roundabout. So was he. I reached it first and continued under an assumption.

Never assume anything.

And the assumption was that our eyes had locked. He had seen me. He knew I had the right of way. And he would wait.

As I tore confidently (or do I mean recklessly?) into no man’s land on my triathlon bike it became all-to-clear he was going to do the same. He had no intention of stopping and charged on. It was as if I wasn’t there at all.

As his car fired its way towards certain contact with me I was amazed at how readily accepting I was of certain death. I felt nothing but peace sweep over me.

Although the entire incident could not have lasted more than a split second my mind still had time to register the situation with clarity. ‘So this is how I die! This is it! Hit by a car!’

I will never be able to fully explain what happened next. A flurry of action! A rush of energy! Adrenalin? A miracle? Wings?

I know at one point I was swept up off the ground and airborne. I looked down and my front tyre was perpendicular to the rest of the bike, still surging forward. And then I was safe!

Safe on my feet with the bike intact beneath me, parked on the grassed area beside the road on which I thought I would take my final breath.

First thing on my mind was a question.

‘What just happened?’

Then I simply allowed my gaze to follow the path of the car before asking my second. ‘How did he miss me?’

He disappeared and I continued on my ride and I didn’t give that moment another thought until I listened to my recording.

“There are probably times in your life, at least several, where you thought you were certain to die and through some kind of miracle you didn’t.

”I remembered three in total but neither of the other incidents felt as significant as this one.The rush of energy…the wings!

“There is something you are meant to do, a message you are meant to share with the world. Something important.”

For now, I think the philosophies and teachings you are about to read is a big part of this.For the most part I have lived a wild and noisy life. Filling it with people and places and things. It was the only way to avoid the responsibility bestowed on me. It was the only way to keep the constant badgering at bay.

It was the only way I could keep running from who I was.

But running makes you tired and I faltered in my efforts to evade my Captor who, deep down I knew, would follow me no matter where I went.

Eventually I stopped. And sat!

My Captor started to speak.I listened. And I listened. And I listened.

Again I ran, but feebly this time. It was like a game of chase. I just wanted to see if He would follow.Of course I knew He would.

My Captor wanted me to share a message and we have been discussing it for some time. I have tried to avoid it as it is not what you were hoping to hear.

If you are reading this, you are about to hear it.I hope you are sitting down.

It is time to share…so here goes.God told me to tell you…

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