Phusion living


The singular goal of conditional expression is to give life what it needs to be physically, psychologically and energetically healthy – to honour God’s body and the placenta, our sacred earth, that sustains it.

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One Body

We belong to a singular body which, like us, has physical, psychological and energetic needs. We are the cells of that body. Here we come to know we are made in God’s image, being of a mind, body and energetic system.

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Softness + Strength

The way of conditional expression is to tread softly. And to live in such a manner takes great strength. The strength not to be judgemental of others.

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Turning Out

Given we are tiny and individual parts of a great body everything will be felt by that body. This is particularly true when we consider the energetic quality of our actions and expression.

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Law of Sacrifice

At the heart of conditional expression resides the law of sacrifice. Life cannot feel well and balanced, and never will, without the sacrifice of each and every human being. It’s just not possible without it.

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The law of balance

The law of balance states that all things will find balance – even if it is an imbalance. But also that any system seeks a state of balance, which allows that system to find itself in a place of relative peace and harmony.

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Law of Revelation

Law of revelation is quite simple to understand. You are what you are. And life – or God – will experience you just as you. Not as you portray yourself to the world and not by what you would have the world believe you have become.

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Law of Alignment + Expression

This law is essential to the way of conditional expression, as it is the law that makes the unreal real. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, makes love real.

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Be and Trust

To be and trust is the contemporary instruction of God, or life itself. At a time when I was acutely aware Life was communicating with me, I asked, ‘What do we need to know as a species right now, in this time and place?’ The response was nine words in length, ‘Be and Trust! Be and Trust! Be and Trust!’

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What is ‘Phusion Living?’

Our collectively living with conditional expression represents the spiritual fulfilment of

It’s where we put conditions on our expression so who we are is supportive of, rather than
abusive to, life.

It’s where we put the life we belong to before ourselves.

It is the fulfilment of unconditional love in the human experience.

It is the completion of yoga.

Our becoming one with God.

It is love made real.

It is where we honour nothing above the health and dignity of who we are and who and what
we belong to.

I has been written, spoken and sung, that ‘love is all we need!’

But what is love for life, if not honouring it’s needs through our actions and expression?

The meaning of our individual lives has always been to investigate and explore how best we
can express ourselves, in our own unique form - but say "NO", when opportunities arise that
invite us to be abusive of life.

No matter how tempting and sweet the apple.

We all have two choices when it comes to establishing the foundation for our lives.

The pursuit and fulfilment of our individual dreams and desires, no matter how excessive or

or the safeguarding and preservation of life and it's needs, by being prepared to place
conditions on our expression and demands, so who we are, is supportive of life.

Rather than harmful.

The former way of life is individually centred.

The latter - 'phusion Living'.

This reflects the freedom that defines conditional expression.


When it comes to choosing between these two foundations the person living with conditional
expression understands they are free NOT to be abusive of life.That they can choose not to be harmful, just as they can choose the alternative.

The motto - ‘I will put conditions on my expression and demands so that who I am is supportive of life and its needs.’

We understand ourselves as belonging to a body, and live as that body needs us to, so it can
be healthier and more balanced for our being a part of it.

This life is the true holy grail and our ticket to eternal life. The end of suffering.

It is God's contemporary commandment and word that we live this way.

Capitalism, business, economics, fame, wealth and influence - and any other contemporary
apple life can dangle in front of our eyes - will not sway someone living with conditional

They know, and live by the mantra, 'love knows how to say no.'

To live in a way that honours all life as sacred is the way of conditional expression.

The way of phusion living.

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