22 Days of God and the Fight for Life


‘For the next 22 days record everything I tell you. Every thought and insight. Then put them into a book!’ Inside this collection of insights - sourced in the direct Word of God - you will hear testimony from the most abused and exploited identity in human history. God! By the time anyone has finished this book they will know God to be real and they will see just how obscene our world has been in its treatment of him. Education, religion, yoga, personal development, wokeness, cancel culture, the suffering of God’s most sacred and vulnerable – his children, the personal truth and personal brand all feature. Our world loves to attack individuals and organisations who turn their back on or conceal the voice of the abused. How will that same world measure up when that voice belongs to God. And it is the world that stands accused? How fortunate we are to live in a time when the substance of our faith – no matter who we are – is truly tested.

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