Contra Mundum - God Against The World


Does God Exist? On this question ‘the world’ remains undecided. But many would argue, and have argued, that it is the most important question facing humanity. People of faith will say ‘yes’ to this question. The atheist – for whatever reason – will say ‘no’. While the agnostic, defined as someone who believes nothing is known or can be known about the nature or existence of God, remains committed to being non-committal. Throughout history, religious leaders, theologians, scientists, philosophers and many others have sought to influence collective thought by sharing their ‘expert’ opinion on the matter. This document establishes a new expert. The only one who counts. God. If any human being wants to offer their ‘opinion’ – or their beliefs - on the nature and existence of God, they must do so from the context of God’s own revelation. Anything less can be considered unjust, exploitative, and now, illegal. Let us once and for all measure the testimony of the world about God, against the testimony of God about himself. But make no mistake, today, it is God contra mundum. God, against the world.

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