Meditations for Action: Your Full Expression with Love (Digital)


‘Meditations For Action: Your Full Expression with Love’ provides insight into the contemporary Word and revelation of God. Published in 2017, it is the first in a series of reflective books - the Meditations on Conditional Expression' series - where God began a journey of direct communication with our world. It warns of a world spiralling towards collapse, but carries with it a sense of hope, should we choose to live wth love. Here, the themes of love, sacrifice and revelation - which are inherent to the way of conditional expression - pour from the pages, inspired by the messages God is trying to share with humanity. It should be read from the perspective of its place in time. A time when life was suffering - but there was still time to avoid the collapse it continues to struggle with today. The sense of hope in the message, combined with the reality of life's collapse will make one wonder, what might have been.

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