Conditional Expression: Making Life Sacred - The Revelation


Conditional expression is a way of life. And the source and substance that forms the foundation for this way of life is the direct Word and testimony - the revelation - of God. What does Life need from us to feel healthy and balanced. What do we need to do, and how do we need to live, so all life feels honoured and sacred? That is what lies within these pages. It is more than a philosophy for the a life of conditional expression does not exist unless it is made real through our being. It is the way of life that is the 'bread of Life.' It is the way of unconditional love in action. The teachings and concepts included here apply to us all, for we all belong to Life. First published in 2018, it should be read in the context of all that has happened to Life since then - bushfires, pandemics, wars and the avalanche of sociocultural hatred that pervades our world today - providing evidence that God, or Life, did not want us to go down the path we have.

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