Ministry – For the Love of the Planet


‘Ministry – For the Love of the Planet’. Spiritual and philosophical teachings by Tim Guthrie. ‘Finally, softness and strength had fully merged into one. My sight was clear and my heart was true. My ministry had formally begun. In the seven days that followed 60 pages of spiritual teachings flowed through me. There was no rhyme or rhythm to their arrival. No activity, no moment and no peaceful slumber were so sacred or precious it could not be disturbed as revelations of insight and truth demanded my attention. I listened. I felt. And I wrote. What follow is the 60 pages of teachings, unchanged and in the exact order they were revealed. By all means take it or leave it. But do consider if what you are hearing could actually be truth. Not diluted, not second-hand and not an interpretation or twisted version of someone else’s wisdom. The truth – plain and simple! It was game on and in some ways it was also war. War against the selfish ways of humanity that have caused far too much suffering. One word remained and it echoed right through to the greatest depths of my being. Ministry.’ Tim Guthrie 2018 ‘Ministry – For the Love of the Planet’ This is my most personal, truthful and spiritual account to date. It gives great insight into who I am and the work I have been chosen to do. With many years of running behind me what follows reflects the placement of the final piece of a puzzle, the moment of full surrender and the floodgates of wisdom opening – the formal beginning of my ‘Ministry’.

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