Ministry – For the Love of the Planet


‘Ministry – For the Love of the Planet’ is the second in a series of reflective books sourced in God’s direct Word and revelation. ‘Finally, softness and strength had fully merged into one. My sight was clear and my heart was true. My ministry had formally begun. In the seven days that followed 60 pages of insight from God – or life - flowed through me. There was no rhyme or rhythm to their arrival. No activity, no moment and no peaceful slumber were so sacred or precious it could not be disturbed as revelations of insight and truth demanded my attention. I listened. I felt. And I wrote. What follow is the 60 pages of teachings, unchanged and in the exact order they were revealed. Not diluted, not second-hand and not an interpretation or twisted version of someone else’s wisdom. The truth – plain and simple! This book should be viewed through its place in time – a time when God’s life was collapsing. If the first could be considered a message of hope, this one is told through a more desperate and anguished voice, saying, ‘I will shut down…it can happen.’ From hope, God’s voice had moved to anger and despair.

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