The Road to Easter


Who is God and what does he have to say about the world we have created? What does he have to say about the treatment of our most life-filled and vulnerable - our children. What does he say about the religions of the world, and the faithful who reject him at this time of revelation and suffering? And what of the woke and politically correct? Those who feel it is their duty to sit in self-righteous judgment of others? And of the great manifestors of the personal development world, and of the commercially-driven shamans who are leading a global stampede into consciousness - the frayed mind of God - under the banner of healing? And what of his living Word - Jesus? What makes him so? Who is Jesus to life? Our world nears its end. All nations are destroyed. And sovereignty over all life will be restored to its rightful owner - the one body and life to which we all belong. God!

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